Skillet Throw

Skillet throw contest will be held Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm on Wednesday. Throws are Thursday and Friday evening at 7:00 pm.

You can view the rules below and print & fill an entry form at home (optional).


RULES – Ladies 16 years and older are welcomed!

1) Skillet throw contest will be held Tuesday – Thursday evening at 6:30 pm and then Friday at 6:00 pm. No late sign-ups will be allowed on Friday due to Throw-OFF.

2) SKILLETS must be thrown underhand.

3) Each contestant will have three throws; best throw of that evening will be used.

4) Contestants must be willing to give their true age.

5) You are scored by the distance you throw the skillet, less the distance that you are off the center mark (i.e., if distance is 30’, and you are 5’off center line; distance = 25’).

6) Awards will be given for each age group for the evening.

7) Everyone gets a ribbon for participation.

8) Once you have won 1st place in your age group, you cannot participate again this year in the daily open throw.

9) Again, this year we will be having a THROW-OFF on FRIDAY evening – All 1st and 2nd place winners from each day’s “open throw”, are invited back to compete again to determine GRAND CHAMPION for their age group.

Please remember ENTRY FORMS ARE ACCEPTED IN-PERSON AT THE FAIR OFFICE, DAY OF THE THROW! No entry forms may be accepted early.